Welcoming Italy on the rise

Our team never stops, we are a constant source of creative ideas.

We have been thinking about the development of our online project for some time, about how to enrich it, about how to provide even further support to our brand ambassadors.

Then, everyone had commitments, other errands and tasks, together with other small hurdles.

We just kept putting everything off.

This lasted until a peremptory lockdown fell on us, suddenly breaking up “our” Italy in front of everyone, including us, as we remained helpless, and speechless.

It was as if we fell into a deep slumber. Waking up seemed hard.

The very same Italy that was so beloved, celebrated and visited by tourists from all over the world because of its extraordinary artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial heritage, had suddenly become the image of desolation.

From a creative, bright, tireless, somewhat crazy country, we had become the most plagued nation, we have been regarded with suspicion as a place to steer clear of.

We had to isolate ourselves from everything and everyone because of a virus that forced us to remain indoors and that unfortunately caused significant pain. 

If had been anyone else, we might not have ever succeeded in coming out of the situation: we would have waved a white flag, calling a sad surrender on us.

However, we are Italy: during moments of despair, we are able to turn our strength into support, help, solidarity and the will to never give up.

Just like the phoenix that rose from its ashes, more beautiful and majestic than ever, so did Italy, thanks to both its small and big daily heroes, those whose names you do not know, but they are people you will always be grateful to.

And this is what happened to us: during the most delicate and uncertain moments we freely took up our project again, fully aware that something had to be truly changed. 

Therefore, we recovered that strength spurring us to believe in a rebirth and we converted our historic logo in order to fully put it at the service of our wonderful country.

This is how FLASHONITALY was born, itself a symbol to give our thanks to all those who believed in us and that will never give up. 

We want to start again from here and get shoulder to shoulder with all those firms and companies that have enshrined Italian excellence and that have not only made Italy great all over the world, but that will also make it all the more beautiful. 

We are a great country and we can rely on the great people that live here. We are proud of this and we will shine again all over the world also because of this!

#Italianpride #weareItaly #flashonItaly

Our Stories

Celebrating Italian excellence means to tell the stories connected with its multinational protagonists: multinational companies, SMEs and family-run companies who succeeded, as time went by, in integrating the values of uniqueness and of “well-crafted beauty” into the DNA of products that have become iconic.


An exclusive glimpse on the main national and international events. Accurate and punctual reportages elevating the values connected with Made in Italy through videos and photos.