2020 has started as a crucial year for the relation between the retailing world, fashion and luxury and their digital expansion. There is no company without a website, or a magazine without its Webzine double, there is no professional without his or her LinkedIn page, or someone (from teenagers to adults, from VIPs to the most anonymous people) without his or her social media page nowadays.

The constant technological evolution, together with an exponential growth in the use of social network and with the rapid spread of innovative devices, has made a swifter globalization in communications possible, making communication quicker, more cross-cutting and somewhat more democratic as well.

The Web also has given rise to professions that did not exist until recently: bloggers for every sector (from fashion to food, from music to travelling): Web journalist, influencer, YouTuber, and the like.
And, “always thanks to digital tools”, business activities have been able to create their double using e-commerce: business showcases where companies can upload their products, whatever the kind and, to suit every pocket, opening themselves to trade within markets that were previously inaccessible.

The most prestigious brands, especially in the luxury and food & beverage sector, have also implemented e-commerce as part of their retail strategy, whose sales often exceed those of their physical counterparts, while significantly slashing costs and creating new financial and economic strategies.

Focusing on Italy, a country that is unique for its history, tradition, skills, beauty and creativity, e-commerce appears as the most attractive alternative to global trade.

Investing in the creation of a digital store means putting yourself on the map and joining the competition on an international scale worth $ 2,300 billion and estimated to more than double in 2021, reaching an overall value of more than $4,800 billion.

The, somewhat apocalyptic, scenario that is presented before us, may remind us of a merciless, online “gold rush” with no holds barred, where Italy risks losing every trace of its history, identity and values. The flattening in culture, creativity and identity globalization brings along with it may very well erase the artistic, artisanal and entrepreneurial Italian legacy in an instant.

In order to safeguard this invaluable heritage of traditions and wonders, FlashOnLAB and its exclusive showcase, FlashOnMAG, join the equation.

The mission of our project is to safeguard the DNA of excellence belonging to everything ‘Made in Italy’ by promoting the wealth of productivity and by celebrating its main protagonists: firms, people and places of the ‘genius faber’ – Italian business as the art of living.

Through the testimonies of the highest representatives of the Italian creative and manufacturing world, the moment in which the product is created becomes in itself part of the process that tells the story of the culture that created it.

Therefore, “Made in Italy” becomes a true lovemark, a standard bearer of the Italian uniqueness and civilization, being recognized and sought-after worldwide.


FlashOnMAG proposes itself as an innovative “online communication project” and, most of all, as a “communications bridge” for Italian excellence, to safeguard it and guide it towards internationalization.

Because of the historic moment we are currently experiencing, that has led to the cancellation or to the postponement of initiatives and of new exciting opportunities, such as the 2020 Dubai Expo, the ‘Made in Italy’ products have a challenge-filled decade before them, now more than ever.

2020 will be an excellent chance to support and give added value to the main actors of the Italian cultural heritage, an opportunity that cannot be missed.

FlashOnMAG intends to be an online communications instrument supporting all those client companies intending to make use of a multicultural channel and widen their potential.

The FlashOnMAG communications project is operationally carried out through its website, an exclusive online showcase dedicated to ‘Made in Italy’ products and managed by a team of highly-qualified professionals, each being an expert in the field.

Thanks to our website, the companies involved will have a new, additional channel in order to promote and add value to their products and the opportunity of reaching an alternate, cross-cutting target, altogether different from their loyal clients, allowing for an upgrade in the company’s position on the market.

The tools FlashOnMAG will use to illustrate Italian excellence on its website, as well as on its social media pages, are the following:

  • Institutional corporate videos;
  • Illustrating company histories through storytelling;
  • Scheduling the main actors of any given company within a series of significant events;
  • Product placement operations
  • sponsorships
  • Ad hoc and dedicated events for companies;
  • Possibility of in-depth interviews to excellent artists and personalities.


Furthermore, FlashOnMAG will be able to provide exclusive reportages on the main events, both at the national and the international level, in order to convey a better message concerning Italian high craftsmanship and to optimize users’ ‘views’, as they will become loyal through the online communications process.