Why should I become a Brand Ambassador?

Join an exclusive network, an ambitious and prestigious network connecting the “Made in Italy” excellences, including those of Italian high craftsmanship with the professionals and experts of the sector-based communications.

A rich area

From the North to the South, Italy is rich with landscapes, monuments and works of art to be fully tasted. Between the city streets or around the hills, artisanal workshops or prestigious companies, continuing their family traditions from father to son and having become, as time went by, places of poetry and mastery by means of their products.

We are the birthplace of excellency, creativity and uniqueness, a legacy to be proudly protected and safeguarded.

A well-prepared team

Only those who live within the beauty, culture and style of our country are able to valorise the brands and the companies holding its honour high all over the world and they can achieve such a valorisation through accurate and precise storytelling, itself able to evoke emotions.

We created a team made up by several experts who trained and gained their specializations within various sectors, from communications to fashion, from press offices to lifestyle, without forgetting photography and videomaking.

A finely crafted schedule

By joining our network, you will be able to take part in a calendar being rich in both national and international events, as they are accurately selected by our team.

The goal of these activities is to provide our Ambassadors with their righteous visibility beyond our boundaries, while we look at our culture and familiarity with different eyes, cross-pollinating our experience with tradition, making the most of these moments in order for us to further improve our activities.

The next main event we have in our sights is the Dubai 2021 Expo.

A selection of excellence

In order to represent the artisanal tradition of our country we accurately selected of brands and companies all around Italy.

We decided to choose those brands that, according to us, can offer a perfect photograph of the scellency of our artistic and cultural legacy, in order to offer what is the DNA of “Made in Italy” for us to our visitors as well.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Our experience does not stop to our Italian roots. Our group gets also cross-pollinated by persons coming from the United Kingdom, from India, from the UAE, from the USA and Australia.

Our team is a crucible of languages, cultures and experience flowing into each other. We are a magma shaping our passion, hard work and a desire for patriotism.

Join our network of Brand Ambassadors.

Our Brand Ambassadors

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