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“Brand Journalism means Marketing through enterprise journalism. Rather than using traditional marketing tactics promoting content directly, Brand Journalism focuses on stories and other such informational content, highlighting the value of a different, brand new point of view.
The companies making use of Brand Journalism produce interviews, Web sites featuring newspaper articles and offer journalism-based information supporting product offers”- Daniel Newman, Forbes

Illustrating the excellences connected to the “Made in Italy” products and ideas carries a great responsibility with it. In order to valorise the productive entities and the companies being a symbol of the Italian cultural and creative legacy, some advanced and effective tools are needed, as well as a team made up by cultured and experienced members, themselves able to speak the same languages of their customers.

Only by juxtaposing the aforementioned elements it is possible to create content being not only beautiful, but also based on very appealing and interesting matters for the target audiences.

A showcase for excellences

We develop communications and marketing strategies following the principles of brand journalism, therefore creating connections between different sectors and actors. 

Our goals concern competitive differentiation in order to strengthen business credibility and to nudge the choices made by the end customers in the right direction.

Anytime, and in any kind of situation, we are able to put our competence, experience and insight at your disposal, in order to let your unique features emerge, baring the soul of your activities and everything giving credit to what you do.

We usually do it through professional videomaking, creating stories and customized photographic reportages.

Following our principles, with the main goal of offering you an excellence-based showcase, itself able to illustrare the DNA making your brand unique, we created a series of customizable, tailor-made packages, each of which can be customized based on the specific requests, needs and communications-based objectives.

Our strong suits





You can take part to the activities on our channels and planning through the following: 

within the exclusive “Reportages”, “Stories” and “Newsletter” productions.

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- Consulting on communications strategies

- Support on international relations

- Organization of events

- Co-marketing planning

- Supporting press office activities

- Market investigations on the major players/competitors on specific products

- Research activities on specific in loco events (such as fairs, conventions, and the like)

- In loco support to the activities connected with the participation to events (such as fairs, conventions, and the like), concerning both the logistics-based and the management-based features of the event

- Organization of in loco B2B missions in order to meet potential business partners on foreign markets

- Implementation of in loco business networks (such as rep office, branches, business agents, dealers, and the like)

- In loco follow-up after the relevant B2B meetings

- Booking of hotels, museums, guided tours, restaurants, locations and visits to the premises of excellence-based producers in the whole of Italy

- Translations in English of company websites and materials (catalogues, brochures and the like), as well as of the relevant business correspondence (business letters and the like)

- Activities connected with finding specific opportunities connected with EU funds and tools, based on any given company’s specific needs, including the possibility of following the whole application process

- Photo shooting services connected with reportages and with interviews and editorials

- Video shooting and sound design complete every service and storytelling activity of ours

- Accounting and auditing consulting activities

- HR-related relations, production activities, tourism-related activities and civil protection-related activities

- Graphics and printing layouts

- Printing services, involving every format and technology (such as digital printing, offset printing and large formats)

- Setups for exhibitions and fairs

- Creation and implementation of websites and social media marketing-merchandising webpages

- Audio, video and lighting services