FLASHONLAB 2019 – The FLASHONLAB Cocktail Event hosted by RECS ARCHITECTS in Parma, Italy

9 . DEFINITIVO - Cocketail Event preview project together with RECS ARCHITECTS (1)

The event introducing FlashonLAB to the world was held in November 2019 within the wonderful premises of the RECS Architects architecture studio in Parma, welcoming several guests and several superior quality gastronomy brands based in Parma, such as Salumificio Benassi, Cantine Lamoretti, Casa del Formaggio, Pepita Chocolate, and other brands, like Musetti Cashmere, Gardoni ART […]

The Presentation of the 2020 Michelin Guide

8 . DEFINITIVO - Presentazione Guida Michelin 2020

As in several past editions, we could not miss this event, especially this year where the 2020 MICHELIN GUIDE FOR ITALY was presented. The event was held on November 6, 2019, and the Teatro Comunale Theatre in Piacenza hosted it for the first time. The event featured its usual preview, which unveiled to the press […]

FLASHONLAB 2019 – The main places connected with Giuseppe Verdi and his music

Luoghi di Verdi

Our meeting with Mrs. Alessandra Toscani, an expert and researcher on the life and works of Giuseppe Verdi, allowed us to discover the Italian musical genius being the most performed all over the world within a more intimate atmosphere, by going through the most important places in his life. From Roncole Verdi, in the countryside […]

FLASHONLAB 2019 – The “Behind the Scenes” reportage of the 2019 FESTIVAL VERDI

Festival Verdi behind 2019

The FESTIVAL VERDI is an unmissable occasion for melomaniacs all over the world; it is held every year in Parma, between September and October, wholly dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi as a musical genius. The 2019 edition sits rightfully along the unforgettable ones, as it was completely sold out and saw the performance of Operas such […]

Milan Fashion Week – Our Fashion-themed meetings with VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE

Vestiaire Collective2 no sotto p

Here, we enter the glamourous world of fashion in Milan, in the full atmosphere of the Fashion Week. This video details the Cocktail Party organized by VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE to present its partnership with the prestigious GREEN CARPET AWARD focused on respecting circular and sustainable fashion, with a dash of high society. During this event, FlashOnLAB […]



Imagine one summer evening in the natural beauty of the Ligurian Riviera in Bocca di Magra, a meeting between art, culture and important personalities talking about the thoughts of men within a framework between mystery and intrigue! This reportage by FLASHONLAB features a meeting with the most famous female divorce lawyer in Italy, Mrs. ANNAMARIA […]

FLASHONLAB 2019 – PROMOTING Parma and its products, with Nicole Purin from Dubai

A journey around Parma and its surroundings, discovering the land and some of the special products of the Italian Food Valley, together with the Italian Ambassador of FLASHONLAB, Mrs. Nicole Purin from Dubai. Meetings with local, internationally-oriented firms were held and a special Gala Dinner at the Teatro Regio was the conclusion of an unique […]