A path focused on exploring and experiencing food and wine in order to know in further detail the rhythms and the times to produce some of the foodstuffs which are the jewels of Parma’s crown, itself the centre of the Italian Food Valley and UNESCO’s Cretive city for Gastronomy in Italy, together with Enrica Nicolini, one of FLASHONLAB’s Ambassadors and the representative for Singapore.
Furthemore, we had the opportunity to taste the excellence of the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese at the Bertinelly agricultural enterprise, the dry cured ham produced by Ruliano and the typical local wines by Monte delle Vigne.
All of above creates the story FlashOnItaly tells in order to promote the areas where the Italian excellences are produced.

Presentation and organisation – Maria Carla Magni
Shooting and Editing – Enrico zermani
Logistics – Alessandro Tedeschi NCC
English translations and subtitles – Antonio Enrico Buonocore