Our Brand Ambassadors

In order to valorise Italian excellence products, FLASHONITALY intends to be a bridge and a showcase on “Made in Italy” for all those companies developing, strengthening and handing down high craftsmanship, manufacturing and Italian entrepreneurial creativity within the various production sectors, especially for those companies that, walking a path imbued with history and traditions, sometimes bequeathed from one generation to another, strongly call on internazionalization.


Italian Excellence

We want to offer a voice and visibility to those particularly relevant companies that we would like to have as our national standard bearers and that we identified as the perfect “Made in Italy BRAND AMBASSADORS, in order to create a strong, dynamic and credible network.

Unique Features

In order to effectively enter the FLASHONITALY, we are particularly rigorous in identifying a specific “brand identity” through the following essential requirements, connected with Italian excellence:


Our International Showcase

FLASHONITALY will provide the maximum degree of visibility to the Italian companies espousing excellence, prioritizing those being our Brand Ambassadors, following their mission, communications and events, as well as supporting the promotion and dissemination of their products also through our networks and relations and of business channels, besides by using our ad hoc showcase within the most attractive international areas

Brand Ambassador